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Numbers are fun!

If you're wondering how the world of rogue online pharmacies breaks down visually (and we know you are), check out this section of the website for statistics and data.

All rogue online pharmacies are not created equal. Some are spam, some never send a product, some exist solely for the purpose of identity and credit card theft. But others don't spam, do send products, and exist for the purpose of building a wide customer base and reaping generous profits.

This latter category includes what we call the Top Rogues. To make the top of this list, a rogue online pharmacy must meet certain criteria, such as:

  • Longevity: It's been around for years
  • Affiliate base: The rogue network it belongs to has hundreds or thousands of affiliate sites
  • Anchor site: It is what we call an "anchor site" in that it is a central website in its rogue network and/or multiple other sites link into it
  • Resilience: It is notoriously difficult to get offline
  • Customer reach: It targets customers around the world

According to those criteria, here are the top ten rogue pharmacies in our database:

Name Network
101generic.com RxCash.biz
topills.com MyRxCash.com
xlpharmacy.com XLPharmacy
canadianhealthcaremall.net evapharmacy.ru
trustedmedsonline.org Rx-Partners
v-medical.com MyRxCash.com
bmpharmacy.com Sey Pharma
half-price-pharmacy.com Cash.md
rx-acs24.com Pharmcash
SuperSaverMeds.com BestLifeRx
pharmacyrxone.com MyRxAffiliateProgram
shopeastwest.com ShopEastWest
4rx.com 4Rx