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Investigative Reports

Are you a business or government agency that needs in-depth research on rogue online pharmacies? LegitScript's extensive database and proprietary algorithm allows us to gather multiple data points on rogue online pharmacies.

The connections identified among the data leads to a unique classiļ¬cation scheme based on groups of rogue online pharmacies, called Networks.

This unique Network approach breaks down the world of thousands of online pharmacies into more manageable groups. Our analysts have the expertise to investigate these networks and compile comprehensive reports.

Government agencies and businesses use these reports for actionable intelligence as well as litigation purposes.

In short, our reports provide a comprehensive overview of the operations and organization behind a rogue online pharmacy network. This includes:

  • All known domains associated with a rogue online pharmacy network
  • Internet infrastructure of the network
  • Individuals involved with the network
  • Scope of operations
  • Jurisdictional violations
  • And much more

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Did you know?

Of the drugs being promoted as "Canadian," 85% came from 27 countries around the globe.

- U.S. Food and Drug Administration