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Healthcare Product Classifications

Do you need to...

  • know if certain dietary supplements have been the subject of regulatory action, are considered unsafe, or are marketed as "miracle cures"?
  • continue monitoring the regulatory status of those healthcare products?
  • know if the dietary supplements you are using have had safety warnings?

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LegitScript's dietary supplement, bodybuilding supplement, drug and designer drug classifications are relied upon by the world's leading e-commerce and advertising platforms, including Google, Microsoft (Bing and Yahoo), Twitter and many others.

Sign up now for a free or paid account to access the world's largest database of healthcare products classified by risk level and associated regulatory action.

Depending upon the level of subscription, you have access to LegitScript's database of thousands of drugs, dietary supplements, bodybuilding supplements, designer drugs, controlled substances and other regulated products and can:

  • Conduct bulk queries for thousands of products and see whether LegitScript recommends that they be permitted to be advertised and marketed online (e.g., with the major search engines).
  • Find out why certain products are considered potentially problematic.
  • Get the links to the associated regulatory action or warning letter from the US Food and Drug Administration and over 40 other countries’ (and growing) drug safety agencies.

You do, if:

  • You market or advertise, via the Internet, dietary supplements, bodybuilding supplements, designer drugs, prescription drugs, controlled substances, OTC products, or other products that may be considered drugs in some cases (e.g., certain cosmetics).
  • You operate a website where dietary supplements and other healthcare products are offered (whether or not you are the one actually selling the products).
  • You are a third-party retailer of these products.
  • You are a parent concerned about whether your child is using designer drugs, “bath salts,” or other psychoactive products, and want to know what is that funky product you’ve never heard of that you found in their bedroom.
  • You use dietary supplements, or other healthcare products, and want to know if a safety warning emerges about one of the products you take.
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Bulk Website Reporting

Submit multiple URLs in one go when reporting rogue Internet Pharmacies.

API Access

Query our health product database through our REST API. Beyond the monthly fee, each API request is $0.015.

Please see our API Documentation for a detailed description of the service.