Merchant Monitoring Technology

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Merchant monitoring is a solution that can make your job easier, increase your efficiency, and keep your risk and compliance team abreast of industry trends. An expert merchant monitoring solution doesn’t replace risk and compliance teams, but rather partners with them to help companies avoid expensive BRAM and GBPP fines while allowing risk teams to focus on enforcement and other priorities.

In this session, you'll hear about industry standards regarding merchant risk mitigation, and learn how merchant monitoring can help you grow in your competency and make your job easier.

This session will include:

  • Data on industry habits from our most recent benchmarking report
  • Industry best practices regarding monitoring for merchant risk
  • Feedback from clients on how they use merchant monitoring to increase productivity and staff development
  • And more!

Session Speakers


Martin S3

Martin Hoogendijk
Technical Sales Manager


David Khalaf circle

David Khalaf
Communications and PR Manager