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Transaction Laundering Trends and Tips for 2022


This course is approved for one hour of ETA Certified Payment Professional Continuing Education credit.

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Transaction laundering is a powerful tool cybercriminals use to obtain a merchant account under false pretenses. Because credit card processing is so valuable for online commerce, bad actors are constantly looking for new ways to trick the underwriting process and infiltrate the payments ecosystem. 

In this course we’ll discuss the latest trends in transaction laundering and share tips for mitigating your risk. You’ll learn about topics such as:

  • Tactics bad actors use for obtaining and maintaining merchant accounts
  • The use of networks for load balancing
  • Transaction laundering scams
  • New high-risk industries used for transaction laundering
  • And more!

This is course #1 of LegitScript’s 2022 Merchant Risk Masters Series. Participants can register for individual courses or sign up for the entire series to earn a Merchant Risk Master Certificate (or a Level 2 certification if you completed last year’s series).

Note: Quiz links are provided near the end of each webinar.

Session Speaker

Anne-Marie Chrisman
Merchant Investigations Analyst