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LegitScript Introduces OneView: A Q&A With CEO Scott Roth

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With the announcement of LegitScript’s new merchant intelligence platform, we talk with CEO Scott Roth about how OneView will transform the way businesses protect themselves against illicit online activity.

Can you first tell us what OneView is and what problem it sets out to solve?

One of the biggest problems facing businesses that touch online commerce is the sheer volume of problematic activity in virtually every area of the internet. Even a large payments company or internet platform can only see the illicit and potentially problematic activity that’s happening from their point of view, within their scope of their operations. But cybercrime often occurs at a much broader scale, with complex criminal networks connected in ways that none of these businesses can capture on their own. That’s where OneView comes in. It’s a merchant intelligence platform that seamlessly connects data across the entire commercial internet and payments ecosystem, and then provides insights and recommendations to help businesses avoid bad actors.

How did LegitScript develop OneView?

The OneView platform is really an evolution in technology that LegitScript has naturally been moving toward for years. We realized that we hold a unique and, frankly, unparalleled point of view when it comes to problematic activity occurring across the commercial internet.  Every day, we’re proactively monitoring the commercial internet and collecting millions of data points related to e-commerce, including things like merchant websites, listings on e-commerce platforms, and even ads. By bringing all of that data into one central hub, the platform will deliver a unique view into the entire commercial internet and payments ecosystem. OneView connects and synthesizes intel from all of these industries and angles, so that businesses can stay ahead of merchant activity and emerging high-risk threats.

OneView connects and synthesizes intel from all of these industries and angles, so that businesses can stay ahead of merchant activity and emerging high-risk threats.

Scott Roth

That sounds like a lot of data. How will OneView process it all?

First, the data will be gathered, managed, and structured in a unified and modern core data platform. We then will use proprietary advanced technology and machine learning to identify merchants and websites that present an elevated risk of problematic activity. But that’s not all. We know from our experience in tracking illicit activity that cybercriminals are increasingly sophisticated in avoiding detection. That’s why we'll pair OneView’s big data and machine learning with our amazing team of experts who can identify even the sneakiest of bad actors, like ones engaged in transaction laundering. This process yields valuable, accurate insights about merchants and their operations.

And those insights you mention — how will companies benefit from them?

We want to help businesses grow their revenue while reducing risk and reputational damage. We believe that OneView's broad reach and keen analysis, combined with that added layer of human insight, can help businesses enter and operate in high-risk, highly regulated markets more safely and with confidence.

How will companies access and use OneView?

The capabilities of OneView will be coming to life publically on a rolling basis in the months to come. Some of the elements of OneView will be invisible and behind the scenes, and others will be more visible through our web-based software user interface (currently called MyLegitScript) or through the form of brand-new capabilities that we will be making available to existing and new clients. For LegitScript's current enterprise clients, our account managers are happy to answer questions about OneView and explain how the platform will come to life for them over time.

How will OneView change the commercial internet?

In helping our partners disrupt illicit and problematic activity, we’re ultimately creating a more reliable, more trustworthy online experience for everyone. And that’s exactly what our mission is at LegitScript — to make the internet and payments ecosystems safer and more transparent for all.