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Deceptive Practices

The Online Risk Management Handbook Series


This course is approved for one hour of ETA Certified Payment Professional Continuing Education credit.

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Consumers don’t always get what they pay for — especially in the online space. Deceptive marketing techniques and SEO manipulation tactics on the internet are both pervasive and ever-changing as bad actors, hiding behind the anonymity that the internet affords, develop new and creative ways to lure consumers into well-orchestrated schemes.

This webinar, which has been adapted from The Online Risk Management Handbook, discusses the regulatory bodies that govern unfair and deceptive practices, and gives examples of some of the industries that pose an elevated risk for deceptive marketing, including:

  • Health and wellness
  • Lending
  • Fake job opportunities
  • Risk-free trials
  • Credit repair
  • Debt collection
  • And more

We then describe common tactics used by merchants to trick consumers, game the system, or evade the detection of enforcement bodies.

You’ll see real case studies of problematic merchants, hear about the latest regulatory actions against these practices, and get practical tips for scrutinizing merchants that pose an elevated risk. Register today.

This is course #3 of LegitScript’s Online Risk Management Handbook Series