LegitScript Helps Detect IP Infringement Risk — Here’s How

LegitScript uncovers IP Infringement.

Counterfeit goods, unauthorized services, and pirated content pose a serious threat to brand reputation, consumer safety, and the overall integrity of online commerce. Read further to understand what IP infringement is, discover how to detect it, and download our comprehensive guide IP Infringement and Organized Crime for more details.

What Is IP Infringement?

IP infringement refers to the violation or infringement of intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents, and trademarks. The ease of listing products and services online has made it increasingly challenging to detect and prevent. Unauthorized goods and services and counterfeit products that may be found on merchant websites and e-commerce marketplaces jeopardize brand integrity and damage consumer trust.

Online commerce has been rife with counterfeit and pirated products for years, but governments appear to be more aggressively addressing the issue. The INFORM Consumers Act now requires online marketplaces in the US to more closely oversee their sellers, and Europe’s Digital Services Act aims to protect the digital space against the spread of illegal content, especially counterfeit goods. This added regulatory oversight makes it more important than ever for payments companies and online marketplaces to address the issue of IP.

Three Ways LegitScript Helps You Detect IP Infringement

1. Proactive Monitoring for Problematic Listings

LegitScript's monitoring solutions employ AI-powered technology, big data, and human expertise to identify products and services that pose a heightened risk of intellectual property infringement. We quickly flag potentially violative content, enabling our clients to take swift action to prevent further harm to consumers and mitigate potential brand damage.

2. Global Regulatory Environments Require a Jurisdictional Approach

Compliance requirements for highly regulated industries vary significantly from country to country. LegitScript's monitoring solutions offer global regulatory expertise and skilled analysts who collectively speak more than 18 languages with native fluency. This unique advantage enables companies engaged in online commerce to effectively monitor and address complex product verticals across geographies. Payments companies and online marketplaces can safely navigate regulatory challenges and ensure compliance — all while scaling their businesses with confidence.

3. Trusted by Risk & Compliance and Trust & Safety Teams

LegitScript works hand in hand with risk & compliance and trust & safety teams for some of the world’s largest payments companies, search engines, and online marketplaces. With a deep understanding of regulatory requirements and extensive monitoring experience, LegitScript becomes an invaluable partner in improving internal processes and refining policies.

Download Our Comprehensive Guide About IP Infringement to Learn More

Are you looking to combat IP infringement, safeguard your brand, and create a secure online environment for consumers? Download our 16-page guide for deeper insight into:

  • The common types of IP infringement to watch out for online
  • Why websites of counterfeit merchants are so difficult to spot
  • The risks of internet protocol TV (IPTV) and cyberlockers in facilitating piracy
  • Key warning signs of IP infringement
  • How IP infringement supports and perpetuates organized crime

Take the first step towards protecting consumers and your brand's reputation by downloading IP Infringement and Organized Crime today.