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Is it Legit? How to use the big blue box on our home page

Confused about how to use our home page? LegitScript’s core functionality involves our “Pharmacy Validator,” a search engine on our home page that looks through the 600+ pharmacies in our database and returns information about the Internet pharmacy’s legitimacy.

We’ve tried to make it as intuitive as possible: if you want to check out, for example, you can type in either “” or “”. Or, let’s say that you get an email from Typing that in will return information telling you that we’ve designated that Internet pharmacy as a “rogue” Internet pharmacy.

Why don’t we provide a list of the unapproved pharmacies? That’s because we don’t want to inadvertently provide a list to the public (including kids!) of Internet pharmacies that they could use to, for example, buy steroids or pain killers without a prescription. However, we do include those Internet pharmacies in our database.

If you have any suggestions about our Internet pharmacy validator, please contact us!