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Approaching 500: Winning the Rogue Internet Pharmacy Contest

To date, we’ve identified nearly 500 pharmacy Web sites that do not meet our standards Of these, we’ve also classified quite a few as “rogue” Internet pharmacies — the worst of the worst. These aren’t pharmacy Web sites that are non-compliant with our standards on a technicality. Rather, they are (for example), located outside of the country, don’t require a prescription at all for prescription drugs, and may take your credit card information and run.

Who is LegitScript seeing over and over again that meets this criteria as a “rogue” Internet pharmacy? In first place as a contender we have an outfit that simply calls itself “Canadian Pharmacy,” and uses names like “” So far, we’ve seen an exact replica of this Web site show up in about 100 domain names. (Extrapolated in consideration of all of our data, we think that this means that there are as many as 1,000 Web sites that link back to this outfit, if not more.

So who is behind this?

It’s tough to tell. The domain registry system lists the owner of these websites as “Gaowei” in Zhengzhoushi, zhengzhou Henan. (That would be in China.) There is also a Chinese phone number affiliated with the Web site. Interestingly, Mr. Gao Wei lists his email contact information as “[email protected]

However, there’s one big wrinkle in finding out who actually wins our Rogue Internet Pharmacy Contest: when a person registers a Web site, there’s no requirement that it be truthful.

And that’s why we can’t give Mr. Gao Wei his Rogue Internet Pharmacy operator reward: we don’t know who he or she really is. One of these days, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which oversees registrant issue, may want to take a look into that. But we do know that if you get a spam email from an outfit that purports to be a Canadian Pharmacy, you’d do well to avoid using them. Instead, take a look at LegitScript’s “legitimate Internet pharmacy list” for Web sites that we’ve reviewed and approved.