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The “Nurhul Chee” network of online pharmacies

We just added over 300 online pharmacy websites to our “unapproved” list. All of these are part of the infamous Nurhul Chee Network. These websites don’t disclose their dispensing pharmacy and don’t require a valid prescription preceded by an in-person doctor’s exam. Additionally, we’ve had complaints about websites affiliated with this network sending out “spam faxes.”

We don’t really know if there is actually named “Nurhul Chee” in the first place, but in exposing this network, the World Internet Property Organization is a pretty good place to start. Last year, legitimate online pharmacy filed a complaint against one of Chee’s affiliate websites,, for trademark violation. The Administrative Panel identified Chee as one of two Respondents, but it’s not clear that they ever identified that he actually exists. (In fact, one “Robert Murry” of “Evergreen Technologies” asked to be considered the only respondent.)

Assuming that Chee is a real person (even if not a real name), where is he or she? It looks to us like Singapore. If so, where are the drugs coming from, within the US or outside of the country? If the latter, that’s a violation of Federal law. If the former, why don’t the websites disclose the location and identity of the dispensing pharmacy?

The answer, of course, is that websites that offer prescription drugs without adhering to the law or sound medical or pharmacy practices thrive in the shadows, and hate the sunlight. If these businesses are completely legitimate and not worried about the legality of their actions, it is important for them to clearly state where the prescription drugs are coming from, which pharmacy fills the orders, and so forth.