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A Moment of Levity: Online “Time Travel” Pharmacy

Evaluating online pharmacies is serious business, but occasionally we run across something worth having a laugh over.

Online Time Travel Pharmacy promises that their pills “will help you time travel.” The pills are (will be?) shipped from India in the year 2395, but will arrive in the present. They do this, in part, because some of the prescription drugs they sell generic versions of are currently under a patent; by 2395, those patents will have expired, making shipment of generic versions lawful in the United States in the late 24th century.

In indicating that customers must fill out an “online questionnaire” and need not see a physician in person (a practice that is a bar to LegitScript approval), Online Time Travel Pharmacy promises that this is in accordance with FDA regulations in the year 4358.

Funny though it is, we laugh at parodies because they retain a modicum of truth: online pharmacies that ship drugs from outside of the country, or that fill a prescription based solely on an online questionnaire, are often promising more than they can deliver in terms of safety, quality and legality. That’s why LegitScript thinks those practices are no laughing matter, and encourages consumers to verify online pharmacy safety and legitimacy at