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and Other High-Risk Merchants Convicted Drug Dealer Still Owns Website

Here’s a conundrum: what to do with a rogue Internet pharmacy website after the registrant has been criminally convicted.

On August 4, 2008, according to the US Department of Justice, Orlando Birbragher was convicted of running a rogue Internet pharmacy, He pled guilty to several crimes, including money laundering and conspiracy to illegally distribute controlled substances.

He’s probably going to prison, but GoDaddy still has him as the registrant for the website. Until 2014, by which time he’ll likely be out of prison. (He faces a maximum of ten years, but probably will serve just a year or two at the most.)

Let’s be specific. The website is down, but is still registered to one “Andres Birbragher.” I think that we can assume that “Andres Birbragher” is either an alias for Orlando Birbragher, or a family member that allows him to retain virtual control.

What should be done with the website? On the one hand, it doesn’t make sense for GoDaddy to turn around and sell it to another rogue Internet pharmacy operator. But should Birbragher be allowed to keep it? (Of course not.) Should he be allowed to sell it for profit? (After all, it probably has some value on the domain names market.) Again, of course not: the website was a instrument of criminality. Birbragher, who just had to cough up $3.78 million in forfeited drug money, shouldn’t be allowed to resell it and pocket the cash.

The question: what will GoDaddy do with this website registration? Stay tuned…