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The Latest on Internet Pharmacies, Supplements, Designer Drugs,
and Other High-Risk Merchants, Part Two: Digging Deeper

Earlier this week, we blogged about Orlando Birbragher who was convicted (along with several others) in Federal court for his operation of rogue Internet pharmacy We determined that despite the fact that he is facing three to four years in prison, his website,, is registered to somebody with a similar name Andres Birbragher until 2014.

Our concern: Orlando Birbragher was using the website as a tool for drug dealing. The same tool shouldn’t be waiting for him when he gets out of prison, or remain in his de facto control while he is in prison.

A reasonable conclusion is that Andres Birbragher is Orlando Birbragher’s son, and that Orlando Birbragher can either remain in de facto control of the website, or sell it for a profit, during and/or after his release from prison. Here’s why:

  • The University of Miami website and the New York Social Diary suggest that Orlando Birbragher is married to Alexis Birbragher.
  • The indictment has Orlando in Miami; Alexis Birbragher is listed as a real estate agent also in Dade County, Florida.
  • Andres Birbragher’s address is listed, according to GoDaddy, as 8002 Ponce de Leon Rd., Miami, Florida.
  • According to, that house is owned by somebody named “Orlando Birgragher.” (Note the misspelling.)
  • The house is currently being offered for sale for (cough) $4,000,000 by Alexis Birbragher.

Actually, it gets better.

Andres Birbragher has several felony convictions, including a drug conviction. A criminal records search reveals convictions for Armed Burglary, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Marijuana Possession, Assault, and two counts of Aggravated Battery with a Dangerous Weapon.

Here’s the problem with all of this. As a practical matter, is still in Birbragher’s control, and will be there waiting for him when he’s released from prison. Meanwhile, it’s in the control of another convicted felon. Birbragher will be able to do one of two things with the domain name: control it, perhaps illicitly, or profit from its sale.

The most reasonable course of action would be for GoDaddy, as a matter of policy, to terminate the Birbraghers’ ownership of the website.