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Fifty new rogue Internet pharmacies added today

We uploaded fifty new “rogue” online pharmacies this morning. These websites, which include winners like, and are all part of the same international criminal network.

These websites are low-hanging fruit: if you’ve received spam for Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, or any number of other drugs recently from an Internet pharmacy, chances are that it came from a website affiliated with this network. They call themselves “Canadian Pharmacy”, but here’s what we know about them:

  • The are most likely operating out of China and/or Russia.
  • They are linked to organized crime.
  • They are spammers.
  • If you order drugs like Viagra, Lipitor or Soma from this network, you may or may not receive anything in return.
  • If you do order drugs from these websites, you have a good chance of getting counterfeit drugs.

What else do we know about these websites? About half of them are registered to, which has recently been the subject of several news stories about its “sordid history.” The others are at a mix of registrars, although the InterCosmos Media Group (doing business as DirectNIC) has an unusually large chunk of the websites as well.