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LegitScript adds last online/offline functionality

LegitScript’s tech team just added a pretty cool little feature to our website: an indication of whether a particular online pharmacy is online or offline. Although it’s not particularly meaningful if looking at just one website (after all, you could just go to that website to see if it’s online or not), it’s a really great tool if you’re monitoring hundreds or thousands of websites within an affiliate network, or (as LegitScript does) the entire rogue Internet pharmacy world.

But aren’t all Internet pharmacies always online? Actually, we’ve found that it depends upon the affiliate network in question. As you might expect, most online pharmacies that meet LegitScript standards are online nearly all of the time. But some rogue Internet pharmacy networks, like the Xin Net fake Canadian Pharmacy network, purchase thousands of websites and, to avoid being shut down, rotate among thousands of websites, only keeping a handful up at a time. (Sneaky!)

So, that sort of information helps us better understand “rogue” affiliate network business practices, and also keep our own database current.

We’re going to be adding in some similar toolkits over the next couple of months that will help us in developing “macro”-market level data about both the legitimate online pharmacy market and the rogue Internet pharmacy world.