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LegitScript Laugh-O-Meter: Five Funniest Online Pharmacy Names

In the middle of verifying the legitimate Internet pharmacies and exposing the illicit ones, we like to take some time now and then to chuckle about some pretty funny domain names for Internet pharmacies. So here’s the beginning of a tradition: Every year, we’ll release our Top Five Funniest Rogue Internet Pharmacies.

Here’s the top five, in reverse order, for 2008.

5. Who is Bucky, and why should we give him a chance? Really folks, this is no name for a pharmacy. Poor Bucky. Bucky’s life is apparently so tough that he needs to join the “Indian Drugs” rogue Internet pharmacy network to get ahead. We’d like to give Bucky a chance, but we’ll pass on this website, which offers to dispense prescription drugs in violation of several laws, and without requiring a prescription. The website is actually registered to Uli Brau in Afghanistan.

4. Well. The name just doesn’t pull punches, does it? This website is an affiliate of rogue network XL Pharmacy, which also offers prescription drugs from India without requiring a valid prescription. Does that sound like drug pushing? It sure does to us. Still, we’d sure like to know who “B and J” are. (Could “B” be Bill Todd, the website’s registrant? Stay tuned.), an affiliate of Affiliate Pharmacy Network, is another good one.

3. Now, if there’s an Internet pharmacy whose name inspires legitimacy, this one is it:


“Hello, Black Market Meds, may I help you?”

“Yes, do you have Tramadol?”

“Yes, but only the fake stuff. We don’t carry any real drugs. Are you paying with insurance, or out of pocket?”

The website is an affiliate of rogue network which doesn’t require a prescription prior to dispensing prescription drugs. is a good one along these lines.

2. The website’s been terminated (it was an affiliate of “Canadian Pharmacy”) but when it was up, we had the odd feeling that the physician writing prescriptions for this website may have been something of a quack. (Groan.)

1. Again, this one has been terminated (also a “Canadian Pharmacy” affiliate). Apparently, this pharmacy’s customers are cowered outside the pharmacy, trembling with fright: are the prescription drugs really FDA-approved? (Answer: No, they are counterfeit, in fact.) But really…why would anybody in their right mind purchase prescription drugs from an Internet pharmacy called “Wall of Fear”? (We can see it being used as the name for an online dating site, but that’s a different story.)

Honorable Mention: Finally, for the sheer image it conveys, we give the Honorable Mention to Enough said.