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LegitScript Standard #1: Pharmacy Licensure

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be going into detail about each of the eleven standards we use to determine if an online pharmacy is “legit”. To start things off, here’s an explanation of our first standard.

Standard I: Pharmacy Licensure. The pharmacy must be licensed or registered in good standing to operate a pharmacy or engage in the practice of pharmacy in all required jurisdictions.

What does it mean?

This standard means that in order for a pharmacy to be legitimate, it must be licensed and in good standing in all states where a pharmacy license is required in order to dispense prescription drugs. This is not just a LegitScript requirement, but a legal one based on Board of Pharmacy rules. If a pharmacy located in Arizona wants to ship prescription drugs to a patient in Arkansas, the pharmacy has to be licensed in both Arizona and Arkansas. There are five states, like Pennsylvania, that allow the Arizona license to suffice. This is just like the requirement for many businesses that must be licensed (think: liquor stores and funeral parlors) with the appropriate governing body in order to set up shop.

What do we require?

We require that a pharmacy’s license be current, valid and in good standing with the Board of Pharmacy of all states where a pharmacy license is required, if the pharmacy offers to dispense prescription drugs to patients/customers in that state.

Why is this important?

It’s important to make sure the pharmacies we approve are licensed and in good standing with their State Boards of Pharmacy for several reasons: a) if they are not licensed, it is illegal for the pharmacy to dispense drugs, b) licensure provides a mechanism to ensure that the pharmacy is adhering to safety regulations, including providing you with prescription drugs that are real, not expired, et cetera, and c) if the pharmacy has had significant discipline in the recent past, patients could be at risk if the problems continue.

We verify and monitor the pharmacy licenses of every pharmacy that we approve, in every state where the pharmacy offers to dispense prescription drugs. You can be sure that all LegitScript-approved pharmacies are licensed and in good standing with all required State Boards of Pharmacy.