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LegitScript Standard #2: DEA Registration

Continuing with our latest blog project- letting you know why LegitScript is the best place to find safe online pharmacies- here’s our spiel on LegitScript Standard #2:

Standard II: DEA registration. The pharmacy, if dispensing controlled substances, must be registered with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

What does it mean?

First, a word about controlled substances. Controlled substances are potentially addictive drugs regulated by the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Controlled substances are broken down into five “schedules”, ranging from drugs with the most potential for abuse and no accepted medical use (Schedule I) to those with the potential for abuse but some recognized medical use (Schedules II through V, in decreasing potential for abuse). All other prescription drugs are classified as “non-controlled” or “legend” drugs.

So what are the Schedules? Schedules II – V include drugs you’d likely see offered by online pharmacies, while Schedule I drugs are those with “no accepted medical use” (think: street drugs). Schedule II includes drugs like Percocet, OxyContin and pure Codeine. Schedule III is where you’ll find your anabolic steroids and drugs like Vicodin, while Schedule IV is home to the popular Xanax and Valium. The drugs of Schedule V are a bit lesser known, but include anti-convulsants and some cough suppressants.

In order for pharmacies to lawfully dispense these dangerous drugs, they must be registered with the DEA. This registration authorizes a pharmacy to sell controlled substances and allows for a method of keeping tabs on who is selling these potentially addictive drugs.

What do we require?

In order for a pharmacy that sells controlled substances to become LegitScript approved, it must have a valid and current DEA registration number.

Why is this important?

DEA registration is important because any pharmacy that offers controlled substances is in possession of potentially very addictive drugs. DEA registration is required by law to help safeguard against potential abuse or diversion of these drugs. Pharmacies that are granted DEA registration have taken measures to assure that controlled substances will be dispensed with the appropriate precautions. These protective measures are an important means of preventing prescription drug abuse.

As a side note, controlled substances were the centerpiece of the recent Ryan Haight Act that imposes stricter regulations on pharmacy websites offering controlled substances.

You can be sure that LegitScript only approves online pharmacies with a valid DEA registration, if they are selling controlled substances.