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LegitScript designates RxAff websites as dangerous “rogue” Internet pharmacies

We just added websites within the RxAff network to our “rogue Internet pharmacies” list. These websites are “fake” Internet pharmacies: not licensed in any US state, they pretend to operate safely and legitimately, but actually, they are breaking every law in the book. In fact:

1. The drugs, including controlled substances, are sold without a prescription.

2. The drugs arrive from overseas, which is unsafe and illegal.

3. The “drugs” may not be drugs at all, but rather counterfeit substances.

4. There is no licensed pharmacy involved. (Some of the websites within the network claim that a licensed pharmacy in Manhattan, New York supplies the drugs. This is false.)

5. There is no licensed pharmacist involved.

We got quite a chuckle out of one the RxAff websites’ FAQs:

Q. Where Are You Located?

A. We are located in Manhattan, NY. We cannot give our exact physical address for security reasons. Researches have shown that people with addictiveness may act in extreme ways to get their medication. To prevent this, we do not keep any medications within our facilities and ship all products directly to the person that ordered them.

In other words, this website, which is selling addictive controlled substances without a prescription, says that they won’t give out their address in Manhattan because they are worried that the addicts they sell to will…what? Break and enter? (Hint: the real reason they won’t give out their address is that they aren’t actually located in Manhattan, or even in the United States.)

In short, RxAff is a criminal organization that lies to its customers and lies to the public. Given that, it wouldn’t be any surprise if the drugs were counterfeit.