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Who Funds LegitScript? Find the Answer Here

LegitScript is 100% owned by its employees. Our start-up funding was provided 100% by our staff. Additionally, we don’t accept money from the pharmacies we monitor, specifically to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest. We also haven’t accepted any investment or financial control or interest from or by any pharmacy, pharmaceutical manfacturer, pharmaceutical wholesaler, or any similar organization.

LegitScript offers advanced market research on the Internet pharmacy market and monitoring of websites of interest. Although much of what we do is offered for free, as a public service (rogue website termination, legitimate Internet pharmacy verification for the public, and so on), LegitScript’s advanced fee-based search, monitoring and analytical program can help businesses reduce liability and risk by identifying which pharmacy websites are acting legitimately, and thus are safe to do business with. Our fee-based research also identifies developing trends and industry data. Please contact us to discuss quotes for specific projects.

LegitScript’s mission is to identify which pharmacy websites act safely and lawfully, and which do not. One way that we do this is by breaking down the Internet pharmacy world into manageable components (e.g., affiliate network), and thus “map out” the Internet pharmacy world. This helps bring transparency and light to a corner of the Internet that thrives on darkness and obfuscation.

LegitScript is glad to be noted by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy as the only Internet pharmacy certification authority, other than VIPPS, that adheres to standards recognized by that organization, and are glad that other authorities, like the Federation of State Medical Boards and the American Pain Foundation, have noted our organization as well. None of these organizations provide financial support for LegitScript.