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INCB: United Nations to Release Rogue Internet Pharmacy Prevention Guidelines

The International Narcotics Control Board, the independent, quasi-judicial control organization that monitors the implementation of the United Nations drug control agreements, released their annual report last week. It includes a serious discussion about rogue Internet pharmacies, noting that:

“…more and more online drug retailers…use targeted marketing strategies that respond rapidly to users’ demands and to changing legal and market situations.”

Among the little-noted statements was a very interesting tidbit:

“The (INCB), convinced that a coordinated global response is needed to address the illegal sale of drugs on Internet pharmacies and websites, has developed the Guidelines for Governments on Preventing Illegal
Sales of Internationally Controlled Substances through the Internet.”

Inserted in a footnote: these Guidelines will be subsequently released by the United Nations.

Although “guidelines” are (by definition) not binding, it will be interesting to read these guidelines, which may have the effect of providing some needed structure and standards to the international approach to how governments identify and dismantle rogue Internet pharmacy networks.