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LegitScript adds ~5,000 rogue GlavMed affiliates

The sudden jump in our rogue Internet pharmacy numbers are mainly due to the addition of about several thousand rogue Internet pharmacies operating out of Russia, commonly known as affiliates in the notorious GlavMed rogue Internet pharmacy affiliate network. Sometimes referred to as “Canadian Pharmacy,” the websites in this network are not actually pharmacies; nor are they actually Canadian. A host of information about these sites indicates that they are generally linked to individuals in Russia, Kazakstan, China, the Ukraine, and other parts of Eastern Europe.

The general method of operation of these sites is to either:

# Take your money and run, or
# Send a fake (counterfeit) product, if they send anything at all.

What’s notable about the GlavMed network is the sheer number of websites involved. Is it 10,000…or 100,000? Anybody’s guess, but a common tactic is to leave the website up for just a few days, send out a few million spam emails, and shut down the website after a few orders come in. As a result, even though there are probably a few hundred thousand websites that have been part of this network at one time or another, the number of “active” GlavMed websites is typically much smaller.

(Notice the snake in GlavMed’s logo. Entirely appropriate.)