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PharmacyChecker-approved website linked to no-prescription-required Xanax

CNN aired a piece a few days ago identifying, a Pharmacy-Checker approved Internet pharmacy as involved in the sale of controlled substances like Xanax from India without a prescription.

Here are the facts. is licensed in Texas. PharmacyChecker has approved through its online pharmacy evaluation program. But according to CNN, was selling controlled substances like Xanax without a prescription. (That’s illegal, of course.) Our analysis is that took the orders and redirected to another checkout website for processing and payment. CNN showed the drugs, which came from India. (Importing controlled substances from outside of the US to patients or customers is also illegal.)

LegitScript also received an application from, and we declined to approve them. But it didn’t take rocket science to decline the application: offers to ship to 50 states, but is only licensed in Texas. If an online pharmacy ships to most states (45, in fact) without being licensed there, that is a violation of their regulations…good enough reason for LegitScript to decline the application without looking much further.

After all, if an Internet pharmacy is willing to ignore some laws, it’s likely that they’ll ignore others as well.

The CNN piece indicated that Pharmnet’s online pharmacy was deceiving customers as to the source of the drugs and putting its users at risk.

Update (2/6/06): appears to have now been removed from the PharmacyChecker approval program.