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Whiny Internet Drug Dealers Get Mad at LegitScript

Sometimes we receive threatening emails from Internet drug dealers. Just yesterday, the apparent registrant of, a website that offers steroids to US residents, emailed us regarding our LegitScript entry for, as a rogue Internet pharmacy.

“Greg” from writes:

You leave our company no choice but to seek legal action.

Actually, Greg, you do have a choice: stop selling drugs over the Internet.

Okay, let’s see. Steroids are controlled substances. Buying controlled substances without a valid prescription is both illegal in the US and dangerous. Shipping any prescription drug to a US resident from outside of the US, but especially a controlled substance, is also illegal. We’re entirely comfortable designating the website as a rogue Internet pharmacy. (Note that “”, without the “www.”, sells model airplane parts. Go figure. Perhaps the steroids are smuggled into the US in model airplane parts?)

And what if the website claims to not ship to the US? Look to their shipping page:

Estimated time of delivery for our Shipment is max. 8-12 business days within Europe, and 8-21 business days to the U.S. and the rest of the world. We have only one method of shipping. Shipping costs 10-40 GBP to USA, Canada, Europe and rest of the world. (Emphasis added.)

Some of these Internet drug dealers appear to believe that because steroids are not regulated in a few countries, such as Thailand, that as long as they hide behind the shield of shipping the steroids from Thailand, they aren’t doing anything wrong.

That’s incorrect, of course. These websites are illegal scams that put their customers in danger. We urge US residents to avoid purchasing anything at all from