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121Doc disables US as shipment option; LegitScript modifies classification

LegitScript is pleased to announce that we are removing the “rogue” classification for most websites within the 121Doc affiliate network. However, these websites are still listed as “unapproved” for the reasons we describe below.

Until a few days ago, it was possible to submit an order through websites in the 121Doc affiliate network, which is located outside of the United States, with a United States shipment address. This is outside of the bounds of US federal and state laws and US drug safety regulations. 121Doc has now agreed to disable the ability of their websites to input a United States shipment address on their websites. We have confirmed that they have done this with most of their websites. Consequently, we are glad to remove their rogue classification, and will continue to monitor these websites (as we do all websites in our database). However, we are retaining their “unapproved” classification for the reasons described below.

LegitScript is primarily, but not exclusively, focused on what is legal and safe as per US federal and state laws and regulations. We designate Internet pharmacies as legitimate, unverified, unapproved or rogue in accordance with our online pharmacy standards, which are recognized by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Those standards are primarily based on what is understood to be legal and safe in the United States.

Other countries have different laws and regulations, of course. However, if we have reliable information suggesting that an Internet pharmacy (even one operating completely legally in the United States) is operating outside of the bounds of other countries’ laws, or shipping into countries where it has not complied with their regulations, we will, at the least, give that website an “unapproved” ranking.

We are retaining that classification (“unapproved”) for most 121Doc websites at present, pending further review. However, the steps taken to bring 121Doc websites closer into compliance with US laws are encouraging. To the extent they are required in other countries, we are hopeful that 121Doc will take those steps.