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LegitScript launches partnership with SiteJabber

At LegitScript, we’re excited about a new partnership with a great company called SiteJabber. Have you ever wanted to know what other people think about a website? Interesting in hearing about others’ experiences, both good and bad? Want to make sure that a website isn’t fraudulent, or have terrible customer service? is emerging as the premier Internet location for Internet users to rate websites, and identify those engaged in fraud or deceptive behavior.

SiteJabber’s mission is right in line with ours: reducing Internet fraud, and making the Internet a safer and better place. We’ve launched a partnership with SiteJabber where visitors to LegitScript can, from the page for a LegitScript-approved pharmacy within, click through to to write a review about the Internet pharmacy. Similarly, visitors to get the added benefit of seeing that an Internet pharmacy has met our standards, and SiteJabber has agreed to only designate Internet pharmacies as “legitimate” on their website if we’ve identified it as approved by LegitScript.

Part of LegitScript’s interest in this partnership is due to our recognition that just because a website is operating legally, it doesn’t mean that it has great customer service, or provides a good user experience. One of LegitScript’s standards requires that the Internet pharmacy not be engaged in fraud or operate deceptively, so the information that obtains from Internet users helps us do a better job in reviewing candidates for LegitScript approval.

There’s another dynamic, which reflects one way that we hope our partnership is helpful to, too. Some rogue Internet pharmacy networks have devoted teams of staff who visit review websites to post fake reviews, stating that a rogue Internet pharmacy is terrific. (You can see why: if a website owner is willing to sell counterfeit drugs or drugs without a prescription, they are probably willing to post fake reviews!) And indeed, a rogue Internet pharmacy may initially seem to have great, attentive customer service (they want to make the sale!), but may not be operating legally. As visitors look at reviews of Internet pharmacies, we hope that LegitScript’s classification of the website, based upon objective legitimacy standards, will be another factor that will help SiteJabber’s visitors make a decision about which Internet pharmacies are reliable and trustworthy.

If you have used a LegitScript-approved Internet pharmacy, we encourage you to click-through to SiteJabber and let other folks know about your experience, good or bad. LegitScript is excited about our collaboration with SiteJabber and hope that it provides our users with another tool to make decisions, and help keep the Internet safer and fraud-free.