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LegitScript, SiteJabber announce expanded collaboration

LegitScript is pleased to annouce the next stage in our collaboration with, a leading consumer protection website that helps Internet users find sites they love, and avoid fraudulent or misleading websites.

A few months ago, we launched a pilot project with, sharing our feed of legitimate pharmacy websites. That gave SiteJabber users additional information about Internet pharmacies, indicating whether we had confirmed the pharmacy’s legitimacy. From there, SiteJabber users could describe their experience with the Internet pharmacy, whether good or bad. In a few weeks, we’ll be providing a more complete list of the websites that we’ve indicated do not meet our standards, including those designated as “rogue” prescription drug websites. Likewise, directly from, our visitors will be able to visit to view information about users’ experiences regarding all of these websites (the good and bad).

We think this partnership is a great thing for LegitScript’s users, as well as SiteJabber’s. Rogue online drug sellers often take great pains to appear legitimate, and may even provide some level of customer service, but that doesn’t mean that the drugs are safe or genuine. On our end, we know that some of the best information we can get about Internet pharmacies comes from our visitors, and SiteJabber’s users, too.

We hope that the results of LegitScript’s Internet pharmacy classifications will be helpful to Internet users wanting to make sure they find a safe online pharmacy. We’re glad to enter into this partnership to give LegitScript’s users another way to make their voices heard.