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LegitScript, Web of Trust announce partnership

LegitScript is pleased to announce a partnership with Web of Trust (WOT), a leading community-based safe surfing tool. MyWot’s mission is to give Internet users an active voice in identifying websites that are unsafe, fraudulent, or otherwise pose a risk to Internet users. (Especially users of browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer may be familiar with MyWOT’s popular plug-in for those three browsers.)

As part of our collaboration with WOT, LegitScript is identified as a Trusted Source for the Web of Trust (currently the only pharmaceutical one), and we will be providing the company with our take on which Internet pharmacies are legitimate, unapproved and rogue. LegitScript certainly won’t be the sole determiner of an Internet pharmacy’s reputation within the WOT community, but as a Trusted Source, our classifications will be heavily weighted toward an Internet pharmacy’s ultimate reputation.

Along those same lines, over the next few weeks, we’ll be integrating functionality allowing our users to view and contribute to an Internet pharmacy’s WOT reputation. Visitors to LegitScript will be able to visit to rate Internet pharmacies based on their customer experience. This also helps us do a better job, since Internet users’ experience with Internet pharmacies are a very valuable source of information for LegitScript, as we monitor these websites to make sure that they aren’t doing anything that violates our standards, which are recognized by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. And, just because an Internet pharmacy is legitimate (meaning that it adheres to the law and safety standards) doesn’t necessarily mean that it couldn’t improve in other areas, like customer service.

LegitScript is proud to support the mission of the Web of Trust, and we encourage our users to visit and download their browser extension. Similarly, we’re pleased to welcome WOT into our growing community of entities that LegitScript partners with or assists in identifying safe Internet pharmacies, which includes Google, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, Site Jabber, the Web of Trust, and others.