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Report: Registrars told about forged pharmacy licenses










Today, LegitScript released a collaborative report discussing notifications to five Domain Name Registrars whose paid registration services are being used by rogue Internet pharmacies.

Eleven of the Registrars we notified acted to prevent the use of their registration services by these rogue Internet pharmacies. Five declined to do so. The report examines the reasons given by these Registrars as to why they elected to continue providing registration services to these websites.

Fake Pharmacy Licenses, No Prescription Required. Most of the registrars received letters written by Boards of Pharmacy (the government agencies that license pharmacies) stating that the pharmacy licenses displayed on Internet pharmacies like are forgeries. In other cases, we provided screenshots showing illicit activity by websites like (clearly stating that it does not require a prescription), (no prescription required) or (selling OxyContin and Vicodin without a prescription).

The letters from the Boards of Pharmacy that were sent to the Registrars confirming that the pharmacy licenses are forgeries are available here:

Most Registrars complied; a few did not. We applaud GoDaddy, Directi, SpiritDomains, Visesh,, Joker, WebWerks,, Network Solutions, Advantage-Interactive, and Sibername, all of whom acted to prevent the use of their domain name registration services in the furtherance of unlawful activity.