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A Rogue In the House: Why was designated “rogue”

Sometimes, it helps to explain why a particular Internet pharmacy has been given a “rogue” designation. Today, we’ll take a look at our designation of (aka as a rogue Internet pharmacy – a classification that was easy for LegitScript to make, and that is easy for us to stand by.

One of those drug safety laws, intended for the protection of patients, is that a prescription is required for prescription drugs. If a drug is safe enough to use without a doctor’s supervision, then it’s designated “over-the-counter.” If it requires medical supervision, by contrast, it requires a legitimate doctor-patient relationship, and a prescription. Any doctor or (legitimate) pharmacist will tell you: selling drugs without a prescription isn’t just illegal, it’s unsafe. Any pharmacy willing to do so is quite likely willing to cut other corners as well.

In this case, and were very clear: they were selling prescription drugs without a prescription. This wasn’t the exception to the rule. To defend, you have to defend the sale of prescription drugs without a prescription.

What’s more, the website was engaged in the sale of drugs that are banned in the US. Domperidone, one example, is not approved by the FDA, which has specifically warned against its use. And to make matters worse, the entity is not licensed anywhere in the US (or, as we understand it, in Europe) where it ships prescription drugs to as a pharmacy. Rather, the entity appears to be based in Vanuatu, a south pacific Island, but the website was clear that it shipped drugs that came from a variety of places, including India. Moreover, the company itself, Santovittorio Holdings, is actually based in Panama.

And, the FDA has, on several occasions over the last few years, continued to warn Santovittorio Holdings (and and about its illegal behavior, starting as far back as 2001; even as recently as 2009, the website’s drugs remained subject to “import alerts” for safety reasons.

Who is fundamentally responsible for’s and’s rogue designation? Ultimately, it’s the company itself. Selling prescription drugs without a prescription, much less unregulated or banned ones, isn’t a convenience to patients; it’s putting them at risk. It’s also a crime. For that reason, LegitScript stands by our designation of and as rogue Internet pharmacies.