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LegitScript Welcomes Agreement with eNom (DemandMedia)

LegitScript and eNom are pleased to announce an agreement (see link for full press release) by which LegitScript will assist eNom, a subsidiary of DemandMedia, in identifying “rogue” Internet pharmacies.

eNom, Inc., is the world’s largest ICANN accredited domain name wholesaler, and the second largest Domain Name Registrar, with over 8% of all domain names (estimate). LegitScript is the only Internet pharmacy verification and monitoring service recognized by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

As prescription drug abuse rises to become the second largest drug abuse problem in the nation, with a 17% increase between 2002 and 2009, LegitScript applauds eNom’s leadership in taking affirmative steps to ensure that its domain name registration services and/or hosting servers are not being used to facilitate the illicit sale of prescription drugs. LegitScript already has collaborative relationships with a number of other Domain Name Registrars, including GoDaddy and Directi, and other Internet companies such as Google.

“Rogue” Internet pharmacies engage in a variety of illegal and dangerous behavior, most of which can be described as falling into one of four categories.

  1. The sale of a prescription-only drug without a valid prescription.
  2. The sale of unregulated prescription drugs (e.g., in the US, those that are not FDA-approved and may include knock-offs with reduced potency).
  3. The sale of prescription drugs without a valid pharmacy license.
  4. Various types of fraud, ranging from never sending anything in the mail to the customer, to outright identity theft and credit card fraud.

From LegitScript’s perspective, one of the great things about this agreement is that it illustrates the evolving response of the Domain Name Registrar community to the problem of rogue Internet pharmacies. We encourage other Registrars to consider adopting similar Terms and Conditions and enforcement policies to identify websites engaged in the online sale of prescription drugs in a way that violates one or more of the categories above. (Typically, rogue Internet pharmacies violate at least three of the categories above simultaneously.)

As always, LegitScript encourages Internet users report a rogue Internet pharmacy to LegitScript (regardless of whom the Registrar is). As appropriate, if verified as “rogue”, the information is forwarded to appropriate law enforcement and/or Registrars, ISPs, and so forth for notification and/or investigation.