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Patient Assistance Programs: Providing Help With the Cost of Prescription Drugs

We’ve added some new functionality to our home page. Today, LegitScript is releasing the beta version of a free new feature that allows Internet users who may have a difficult time affording their medications to locate Patient Assistance Programs. Each program is a little different, but most programs provide an avenue for individuals with a prescription for a particular drug to acquire that drug at greatly reduced or no cost, depending upon eligibility. That eligibility is generally determined by income level, and whether the patient has insurance coverage.

To provide this information to our users, LegitScript has partnered with a great organization called, a leading source of information on the Internet about patient assistance programs for prescription medication.

Over the coming months, we expect to add to this information, and – since it is currently in beta form – find ways to make it more user friendly. If you’ve used this feature, and can think of ways that it might be more user friendly, drop us a note and let us know your thoughts.

Why has LegitScript added this information to our home page? Some patients who use unapproved Internet pharmacies have told us that some drugs can be expensive at brick-and-mortar pharmacies or at legitimate Internet pharmacies. Internet pharmacies that import unregulated drugs from overseas, lack required pharmacy licenses, and sometimes do not require a valid prescription have sought to capitalize on that need, offering cheaper versions of the drug. However, in some cases, those drugs have been established as unregulated, knock-offs, adulterated, expired or outright counterfeits.

Depending upon your financial need and which prescription drugs you’ve been prescribed, these programs are not necessarily a silver bullet – but they can go a long way toward helping individuals without insurance coverage, or who are otherwise facing significant prescription drug costs. Our message in providing this feature to our users is: if costs are an issue, there are safe, legitimate alternatives to ordering your medicines from Internet pharmacies without appropriate licensure, that are selling drugs that are not FDA-approved, and/or that fail to require a valid prescription.