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Biosimilar and Counterfeit Meds: When Do They Become Dangerous?

Catch the Huffington Post blog by John Horton, LegitScript’s President: Biosimilar and Counterfeit Meds: When do they become dangerous?

Biologics are a relatively new type of medicine. Unlike non-biologics such as Lipitor or Nexium, which are from chemicals and can be reproduced into identical “generics,” biologics are made from living organisms (e.g., blood, vampire bat saliva, that sort of thing). For that reason, a precisely identical “generic” isn’t possible, although it’s possible to get close with what is called a “biosimilar.”

One of the topics being explored by the medicines regulatory community is how to regulate biosimilars, particularly to ensure safety for patients. This is one in a series of several blogs exploring the intersection of this exciting new field of medicine and how to keep counterfeits or substandard drugs out of the supply chain.