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Internet pharmacies added to LegitScript 08-18-2011 through 08-22-2011

LegitScript added the following Internet pharmacies to our database on August 18th through 23rd: most are rogue, while a few are unapproved or unverified. Interesting to see rogue Internet pharmacies like, an affiliate of Private-Partners, a criminal network that has pretended to be inactive but is still in operation.

Name Approval Network rogue Multi-Network Affiliation unapproved SummitMeds rogue Pharmcash rogue Multi-Network Affiliation rogue Multi-Network Affiliation rogue Pending classification rogue Rx-Partners unapproved Pending classification rogue Pending classification unapproved NorthwestPharmacy rogue Private-Partners rogue Pharmacy Holding rogue rogue PharmacyExpress rogue PharmacyExpress rogue rogue rogue Pharmcash rogue Pharmacy Holding rogue Rx-Partners rogue Pending classification rogue Pending classification rogue GlavMed rogue Rx-Partners unverified Pending classification rogue Rx-Partners rogue Rx-Partners rogue MyRxAffiliateProgram rogue rogue Stimul-Cash