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Internet pharmacy news roundup

Quite a bit going on in the Internet pharmacy world…and a few things are new on the website as well.

Here’s a smattering of news and updates.

  • We’ve made a few small changes on over the last few days. The most relevant one for our users is that the affiliate network that an Internet pharmacy is part of is now visible when you conduct a search. (Until recently, the affiliate network was hidden in most cases.) Our hope is that these changes will result in an even better experience for LegitScript’s users who want to know which affiliate network a particular Internet pharmacy is part of. (And, we welcome input from users who think that our affiliate network classification is incorrect!)
  • New York Senator Charles E. Schumer called for the DEA to do more to shut down rogue Internet pharmacies selling prescription drugs without a valid prescription. Several articles about Sen. Schumer’s news release mentioned LegitScript’s recent report which also called for the DEA to do more. This also followed a letter from Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack asking the DEA to explain why so many rogue Internet pharmacies listed in LegitScript’s rogue Internet pharmacy report remain online.
  • Speaking of our Internet pharmacy report, LegitScript has notified Registrars about several hundred of the 1,000 rogue Internet pharmacies listed in our report about the DEA’s enforcement of the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act. These include websites like, which we had profiled in our report, using it as an example of a website that the DEA should consider taking action against. Ultimately, LegitScript worked with the Registrar to get the website shut down.
  • The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) has issued a public health alert regarding rogue online pharmacies, noting that 96% of about 8,000 Internet pharmacy websites reviewed by the non-profit were not in compliance with legal and drug safety requirements. The NABP’s press release noted that this was consistent with LegitScript’s findings.

As always, LegitScript encourages individuals who choose to fill a prescription online to utilize either a VIPPS-accredited or LegitScript-approved Internet pharmacy website. We also continue to appreciate users who report rogue Internet pharmacies to LegitScript.