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New rogue online pharmacies identified 8/16-8/17

LegitScript staff identified the following rogue Internet pharmacies on the 16th and 17th of August. (Several of these are thanks to notifications visitors to Thanks!) Internet users should be advised not to use these Internet pharmacies, which sell unregulated medicines, do not require a prescription, and are not duly licensed pharmacies.

As indicated below, we're seeing a lot of abuse in the space. (As an aside, we aren't aware of a single legitimate Internet pharmacy ending in .TV.)

Domain Criminal Network 365Pills 365Pills 365Pills Rx-Partners MyRxAffiliateProgram MyRxAffiliateProgram Pharmcash VIPMeds VIPMeds 365Pills Worldwide Drug Store Rx-Partners VIPMeds MyRxAffiliateProgram Pharmcash Pharmcash 365Pills 365Pills 365Pills Pending 365Pills 365Pills MyRxAffiliateProgram 365Pills 365Pills MyRxAffiliateProgram VIPMeds MyRxAffiliateProgram 365Pills 365Pills 365Pills 365Pills Pharmcash 365Pills Rx-Partners MyRxAffiliateProgram 365Pills Pharmcash 365Pills VIPMeds Worldwide Drug Store Pending MyRxAffiliateProgram Rx-Partners HealthExpress IceRX