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Getting off LegitScript’s “rogue” list – it isn’t difficult

If you’re an Internet pharmacy and are on LegitScript’s “rogue” (or, alternatively, “unapproved”) Internet pharmacy list, how can you get off it?

It’s not hard. You just need to be in compliance with the laws and regulations where you operate, and anywhere that you offer to ship prescription drugs to.

Let’s say that you are licensed as a pharmacy and operating legally in the United Kingdom, India, China or wherever, but not in the United States and Italy. If the US and Italy are provided as shipping options, you will be either unapproved or rogue. All you have to do is remove the US and Italy (and anywhere else where you aren’t in compliance with the law) from the possible shipping destinations, and let us know. We’re always happy to take another look!

However, we do not accept the argument that a pharmacy is outside of the jurisdiction of the countries they offer to ship to, and therefore don’t have to comply with those countries’  laws and regulations. As long as the destination country has laws requiring, for example, that a prescription be based on a prior in-person examination, then any pharmacy website offering to ship prescription drugs to that country must comply with those regulations.

If your website is listed as “rogue” or “unapproved” in our database, and you want to get off that list, the first step is to remove any countries as a shipping destination option where you aren’t fully in compliance with the laws and regulations. If you aren’t willing to do that, then we won’t reconsider the “rogue” or “unapproved” designation.

Note, however, that this opportunity only applies when you take those actions voluntarily and without a notice from your Registrar that your domain name has been suspended. Once we notify Registrars or ISPs about a rogue Internet pharmacy, under no circumstances do we permit the registrant to simply remove (or promise to remove) the illicit content and thereafter modify our classification. That’s because in every circumstance (without exception) that that’s happened, the rogue Internet pharmacy operator simply transfers the domain name to a “safe haven” registrar (there are one or two Registrars who welcome illegally operating domain names) and then reposts the illicit content. Consequently, under no circumstances will LegitScript modify an Internet pharmacy’s “rogue” designation once the notification has been made to a Registrar or ISP.

Remember, if you are operating a website that facilitates the sale of pharmaceuticals, its your responsibility to be aware of the laws and regulations that govern the sale of prescription drugs online.