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Washington Times OpEd on Rogue Internet Drug Sellers

An OpEd featured in yesterday’s Washington Times speaks to the continued dangers posed by rogue online pharmacies. The piece tells the story of three patients harmed by the drugs they purchased online from unlicensed, unregulated “pharmacies”. One patient died. This is a good reminder to all of us here at LegitScript that there is still work to be done to protect patient safety when it comes to buying medications online. For US citizens who want to purchase medications online, LegitScript’s recommendation is to check our list of legitimate pharmacies or the NABP’s list of VIPPS-accredited pharmacies. Both NABP and LegitScript have verified that the pharmacies on these lists meet a variety of standards that ensure patient safety.

While we can understand the temptation to buy unregulated drugs online from foreign sources at a cheaper price, is it worth it if eventually you pay the price with your health?

Note: The OpEd referenced in this blog was written by a member of the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP). LegitScript is also a member of ASOP.