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LegitScript supports .PHARMACY and .HEALTH gTLD applications

LegitScript is pleased to announce our support for two important gTLD applications: .pharmacy and .health.

.PHARMACY. A common question that LegitScript gets is, How can I easily tell which Internet pharmacies are legitimate and which are not? True, one can check LegitScript’s database, or look to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s VIPPS list or similar lists in other countries. But finding these lists can be difficult; moreover, seals of approval can be spoofed. So the NABP has applied for the right to administer a .PHARMACY top-level domain that will become a trusted brand for consumers seeking to fill a prescription online.

The .pharmacy space will not be US-centric, but rather international in nature: if an online pharmacy in the United Kingdom, for example, operates legally and only where it is appropriately licensed or otherwise authorized to dispense prescription drugs, the website will be eligible for a .PHARMACY domain name.

.HEALTH. LegitScript is also glad to support DotHealth, LLC in its application for a .HEALTH top-level domain name. As its name suggests, .HEALTH will be a trusted space for the promotion of healthcare products, information about health, and other health-related websites.

LegitScript will work with DotHealth to ensure that .HEALTH websites constitute a safe and trustworthy environment, by helping monitor for any unsafe and illegal activity involved with the distribution of prescription drugs and controlled substances, as well as tainted dietary supplements, psychoactive substances like “bath salts,” and other illegal or unsafe products. LegitScript currently works with leading search engines to monitor for illicit advertisements for these products, not only in the US but around the world.

LegitScript is pleased to support the applications submitted by the NABP as well as by DotHealth.