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Viamax Pure Powder, Natural Vigor Maximum, and other problematic supplements added to LegitScript’s database

LegitScript is expanding our database daily to make sure we’re one of the most comprehensive sources for health product information anywhere. Recently, we uploaded over 180 products to the database, as either per se problematic, context dependent, or as a psychoactive high. (Read about our classifications and designations on our earlier blog introducing LegitScript Healthcare Product Search.)

Not only do we look to the FDA for guidance on what are per se problematic products, but we review international agencies too. For example, Viamax Pure Power was recently found to contain an analog of sildenafil by Sweden’s Medical Products Agency, or Läkemedelsverket. Natural Vigor Maximum was also found to contain an analog of sildenafil, this time discovered by Health Canada. We’ve also been uploading several tainted “herbal” erectile dysfunction products based upon information from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare such asマックスエナジー男性用, 紅牛「速勃嚢」, andメンアップ.

As for context dependent problematic products — those are the ones that aren’t intrinsically dangerous but are being marketed with unsupportable claims — the FDA recently released a warning letter involving several Michelle’s Miracle products such as Michelle’s Miracle Joint Formula Tart Cherry Concentrate Dietary Supplement and Michelle’s Miracle Original Tart Montmorency Cherry Concentrate Dietary Supplement. These products were found to be unapproved drugs because they were marketed for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of gout, arthritis, and cancer.

Given the current media coverage of bath salts, we think it’s also important to recognize the wide range of dangerous psychoactive highs out there. There are products marketed as herbal incense or potpourri, such as Sencation BlackBerry and Freedom Patriot Incense. There are also products called “party powders” such as Rock Star Party Powder and Disco Chick Party Powder. These seemingly innocuously named products, just like bath salts, most likely contain synthetic cannabinoids or cathinones and should be avoided. All are designated as “per se problematic” products in LegitScript’s database.