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CashAdmin rogue pharmacy network calls it quits

The rogue Internet pharmacy network CashAdmin, which encompasses the Generic4All websites, has thrown in the towel, stating that the so-called Rx industry “has become impossible to manage and maintain.” The people behind this network made the decision after repeatedly having their payment processing disrupted. During Operation Pangea, LegitScript worked with our law enforcement partners and financial institutions to identify rogue online pharmacies (such as CashAdmin) offering Visa, MasterCard, DiscoverCard or American Express as payment options. CashAdmin’s “anchor” websites — including — are now defunct.

We see that CashAdmin sent the following letter to affiliates:

To all Cashadmin affiliates,
You’ve been a loyal partner with this company and it pains me to write this letter, necessary though it is. As we’ve said and reiterated many times, the RX industry is under attack from all sides. Recently, we have lost our credit card processing abilities several times, and it has come to the point where we are losing more money processing orders than we are getting from the orders themselves. The industry has become impossible to manage and maintain. Cashadmin has closed its sites, including Generic4All and Pharm4All and its affiliate program. Unfortunately, your payment for September cannot be made now and is on hold, since we have not received the money for the orders from the processing companies. You can and should send your traffic to another program you trust,. Hopefully you can continue to be prosperous in the industry for a long time to come, and we wish you the best of luck.
CashAdmin Team

CashAdmin’s pharmacy websites were considered “rogue” by LegitScript’s standards not only because they lacked any pharmacy credentials but also because they sold prescription-only medications without requiring a prescription and their drugs were supplied from outside the jurisdictions that they shipped to — including many customers in the US. LegitScript successfully shut down many CashAdmin rogue online pharmacies.

cashadmin generic4allAs far as we can tell, the actions that crippled the network’s merchant accounts and the decision by CashAdmin to shut down its operations altogether are well on their way to wiping out at least 700 illegal websites. These sites sold all manner of pharmaceutical products including antibiotics, birth control and weight loss pills. In addition, they sold such popular medications as Levitra and Cialis and also — as the name Generic4All implies — pushed unapproved and untested generic versions of those erectile dysfunction drugs as well as the fake Viagra product Kamagra. CashAdmin and Generic4All’s affiliates of course can choose to switch to another unapproved pharmacy network, as long as they do their research about which registrars turn a blind eye to illegal online pharmacies and which do not. The good news is that as companies and law enforcement entities worldwide use a variety of methods to stop these criminal networks, people hoping to branch into illegal online drug sales see their options dwindle.