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Hallucinatory ‘ecstasy cigarettes’ and other troubling products marketed in China

Smoking kills? Maybe not in the way you think. LegitScript has recently discovered quite a few Chinese websites selling strange psychoactive products that are described as able to assist in committing crimes like rape and robbery.

ecstasy cigarettesOne such product, found on, is ecstasy cigarettes. The product description (translated from Chinese) reads: “After smoking these cigarettes, people will start hallucinating. Most likely they will tell you all the secrets you want to know and will do whatever you tell them to. For example: You can ask them to withdraw all the money from the ATM and give it to you. They won’t have any memory of that afterward. We will give you a free antidote with this purchase. Please be sure to take the antidote 15 minutes before you smoke the cigarette yourself otherwise you will be hallucinating as well. … We can also customize it to any cigarette brand you prefer.”

This makes the 1946 advertising campaign for Camel cigarettes — “More doctors smoke Camel than any other cigarette. This is no casual claim. It’s an actual fact” — seem pretty tame by comparison.

The people who run market most of the available products as psychedelic drugs, and the drug names often hint at rape but also include disclaimer-like comments, such as “seducing underage girls is an illegal activity, please use this product with caution” right after stating that the product can make girls lose consciousness in a few minutes, after which the buyer can do whatever they want to them.

So is it truth or fiction? What might seem initially a case of the laughingly bizarre might in fact signify a real problem. The use of GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate, sometimes referred to as “liquid ecstasy”) as a date rape drug has been well documented. One can easily envision someone intent on committing one of the crimes described above seeking an opportunity to provide the victim with what appears to be a friendly cigarette but is intended to cause a hallucinatory experience.

And worse, given its unregulated nature, it’s anyone’s guess what’s actually in a product like “ecstasy cigarettes” (that is, whether the cigarettes are actually laced with the active chemical in Ecstasy, 3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or gamma hydroxybutyrate, or something else entirely). It is important to note that this website also is used to sell other drugs illegally, including the strong sedative Triazolam, which is a Schedule I controlled substance in China. Only specially certified doctors can prescribe this drug in China because of its impact on the human body. For a State Food and Drug Administration project earlier this year, 14 websites were identified that illegally sold Triazolam tablets, and the websites were subsequently shut down. Although Triazolam, which has been associated with rape in criminal cases, is not one of the products specifically markets as a rape drug, the site does hint at using it for nefarious purposes, stating that after putting the drug in beer, water or other drinks, people who ingest it will pass out in 15 minutes.

So how do illegal drugs like these find their market? A newspaper journalist went undercover to find the truth and reported that rogue Internet pharmacies have been using junk emails, junk text messages and instant messages as marketing methods to attract new customers. The journalist contacted sellers via phone and QQ instant messenger accounts linked from the junk email. The sellers told the journalist that the drugs they sold were illegal in China but they guaranteed they worked as described. They even offered “free testing” and a “VIP discount” when the journalist showed interest in buying in bulk.

China has become a rising star in illegal drug dealing, and LegitScript has recently reached out to several major domain name registrars in China, including BizCN, 0101 Domain, TodayNIC and others, to request that they disable rogue Internet pharmacies utilizing their platforms. Websites like these not only sell dangerous drugs and prescription drugs illegally, but also feed criminal ideas to the public. We will continue to monitor this type of illegal activity and recommend that Internet users steer clear of sites like these.



其中要提到的是在诚信药业网站上出售的香烟型迷魂药。 产品描述如下:“此烟用后,使人迷迷糊糊。有种忘我的状态,不受自己的控制,诱导后有很大的概率说出隐私,经过正确的诱导可以任你使唤摆布,比如:叫他把自己的存款从银行取出来后给你,他都会全然照做,醒后一点记忆也没有!效果绝对百分百。免费赠送解药!切记必须让对方自己抽(不要在问自己抽了让对方闻到有没有效果这种愚蠢的问题)注意自己抽的时候必须先提前15分钟服下解药,否则自己也会产生幻觉。外观和普通香烟无异,抽后3分钟左右神志模糊,大脑一片空白,迷迷糊糊,同时产生幻觉,任人支配,药效4小时左右,醒后无任何记忆,可定做任何品牌香烟。迷烟:2-4分钟内产生药效,迷昏时间为2小时,我公司可根据客户需求,定制各种品派的的香烟。”

这不尽让人想起1946年骆驼牌香烟的广告宣传“更多的医生选择骆驼香烟多过其他任何品牌。这不是随便说说的而是事实。” 相比之下,迷魂烟的宣传要更加荒诞。

诚信药业网站上大多数的商品都标为迷幻药物,一些药品的名字甚至寓含强奸。药品介绍说可以让人在几分钟之内思维凌乱,听任摆布,叫他做啥就做啥。 讽刺的是,在这样的药品介绍之后,结尾还有类似申明的一栏 “用此用引诱少女与之发生性关系。这些都是犯法的行为,因此,希望购买此药者慎用。”

这些商品描述是真的还是假的呢?在一笑过后留下的疑问让人深思。GHB (γ-羟丁酸, 有时也会被称为“液体摇头丸”)的使用被清楚的记载为约会强奸药。 这样的产品着实让一些有犯罪欲望的人找到一个可以利用看似普通香烟却可以让人产生幻觉的迷魂烟来实施犯罪的机会。

在没有确实证据的情况下,很难猜想“迷魂烟”究竟是什么(是否真的包含摇头丸,3,4亚甲二氧甲基苯丙胺, 还是 γ-羟丁酸,或是其他的成份)。重要的是我们留意到这个网站同时还在销售其他的非法药品包括有强烈麻醉效果的三唑仑。三唑仑是中国一类精神药品,其生产和销售是受到国家严格控制的。由于药性强烈,只有具有特殊处方权的医师才有资格开具一类精神药品处方。早前在中国药监局的一个项目中,有14家网站被确认非法贩卖三唑仑,这些网站随即被关闭。虽然三唑仑让人联想到强奸用途,但诚信药业网站却没有把它列入强奸药的行列,而是列举了一些其他的邪恶用途,比如将药混入啤酒,水或者其他饮料,无色无味,喝者在15-30分钟内便会昏迷。

如此网站是如何开拓市场的呢?一家新闻记者的暗访发现这些网站利用垃圾邮件,短信和网络聊天室做为开拓市场的手段。记者冒充买家,利用垃圾邮件里的电话和聊天室信息和卖家取得了联系。交谈中卖家明确的告诉记者这些都是国家不让卖的药但保证效果。当记者假装有兴趣大量批发收购的时候,卖家还说可以提供“现场实验”和“VIP 价格”。

中国是新崛起的非法药品销售大国。近期理基公司已经向几家大型的中国域名注册商,包括中国商务,0101 Domain, TodayNIC和其他公司发出了关闭非法网络药房的要求。诚信药业网站等不但非法出售危险药品,还向大众灌输犯罪理念。我们将继续监督此类网站,同时建议消费者远离这些非法网站。