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NABP report touts global approach in fighting rogue Internet pharmacies

A global collaboration is gaining steam in taking rogue Internet pharmacies offline, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy said in a report released today. In its progress report for state and federal regulators — which can be read in full here — NABP showed that the circle of concern among private and public groups has widened this year and that the value of a worldwide approach is gaining recognition. The report says:

With the proliferation of illegal prescription drug trafficking over the Internet becoming a global health threat, regulators, enforcement agencies and private companies are finding strength in international collaboration. Recent successes in dismantling illegal prescription drug operations demonstrate the effectiveness of collaboration between multiple public and private sector actors around the world.

NABP also cited the joint effort that resulted from LegitScript’s report this spring and led to a new policy at the domain name registrar that has shut down more than 5,000 websites engaged in illegal activity. We commend the registrars that take action against these rogue websites (and specifically commend and continue to track the “safe haven” registrars in the hopes that they will follow suit.