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Rogue pharmacies identified 10/1-10/5

LegitScript’s analysts added 375 websites to the database last week. We identified more than 130 websites with Russian registrars, with the three most active being (47 sites), NAUNET-REG (34) and R01-Reg (27). More than one-third of all the sites added, nearly all of which are rogue pharmacies, have Russian registrars. Not surprisingly, the Russian networks also proliferated: 42 evapharmacy sites were added to the database, and DoktorDick, a relatively new pharmacy network identified by LegitScript, nearly doubled in size with 35 more sites. In addition, 36 PharmacyExpress rogue pharmacies were added, as well as 31 Rx-Partners sites and 24 Pill Program sites.

Typically, the rogue Internet pharmacies registered with Russian registrars — especially those ending in .ru — are spammy and have a shelf life of only a few days or weeks, which accounts in part for the large number of registrations. By contrast, most of those ending in .com, .net, .org, biz, .info, .us or other similar extensions are typically not used for spam but are equally illicit and not compliant with drug safety rules and regulations. Accordingly, a smaller number of .com and .net rogue online pharmacy registrations, for example, can have a much larger negative impact on human and animal health than 50 times the number of spammy .ru websites.

Looking to the non-spam rogue online pharmacy domain name registrations (excluding .ru registrations) we saw the following registrars most commonly used:

  • ABSystems: 24 websites, mainly in the Pill Program network (It should be noted that this registrar also falls into the spammy category, though it is located in the Philippines.)
  • eNom: 22 websites, with a handful in the Rx-Partners network
  • PublicDomainRegistry: 19 websites
  • TodayNic: 16 websites, mainly in the PharmacyExpress network

(LegitScript will notify the registrars eNom and PublicDomainRegistry, which have exemplary policies against rogue Internet pharmacies, about these illegal websites.)