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Rogue pharmacies identified 9/24-9/28

LegitScript’s analysts added 568 websites — 96% of which are rogue pharmacies — to the database between Sept. 24 and 28. Rogue registrar ABSystems is responsible for 53.9% of the sites, and all but two of those belong to the Pill Program network of rogue Internet pharmacies. The next most popular registrar has a relatively paltry 26 websites: RegRu-Reg. Other registrars with 10 or more websites are (23), GoDaddy (16), (15) and PublicDomainRegistrar (12). (Three of these four registrars, excluding, have exemplary policies regarding rogue online pharmacies, and LegitScript will notify those registrars about these problematic websites.)

Many of the ABSystems-registered sites have names that are typical for an online drugstore —,, for example — but some have garbage domain names like and that were likely intended for use in spam emails and then meant to be trashed.

As LegitScript has reported, ABSystems seems to be exclusively affiliated with rogue Internet pharmacies and is likely co-owned or controlled by a rogue pharmacy network. Our research from earlier this year showed that the Philippines-based registrar had a significant portion of the rogue pharmacy market share (17.3%), and as we work with other registrars to shut down illicit sites, this number will probably rise. ABSystems’ activities are due for a closer look, as these recent numbers show. That’s something we plan to tackle in the coming months.