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Rogue pharmacies identified 10/29-11/2

LegitScript’s analysts added 407 unapproved Internet pharmacies to our database last week. Of those websites, all but nine are also classified as rogue Internet pharmacies. ABSystems, a “rogue registrar” that is inextricably linked with the RxPayouts Internet pharmacy network, accounts for 28 percent of the domain names that are new to our database, and the majority of those websites belong to the RxPayouts sub-network Pill Program. Other commonly used registrars are listed below.

  • ABSystems: 116 websites, most of which are in the Pill Program network and facilitate the sale of products like prescription painkillers Tramadol and Fioricet without a prescription.
  • TodayNIC: 36 websites, mostly in the Rx-Partners rogue online pharmacy network and largely marketing drugs such as Viagra and Cialis (including generics) without requiring a prescription.
  • GoDaddy: 30 websites, with various or no network affiliations. GoDaddy is among the registrars that responds well to notifications of illegal activity taking place via their registration services. LegitScript will notify GoDaddy about these rogue pharmacies.
  • 31 websites, mostly in the Rx-Partners network., which is doing an excellent job turning the rogue Internet pharmacy operators away from its platform, also will be notified about these websites.
  • Public Domain Registry/Click Registrar: 15 websites, mainly in the Rx-Partners network. PDR also does an excellent job keeping its platform clean, so we will notify the company about these domain names.

Is there a rogue Internet pharmacy you’ve seen that we don’t currently have information about? Please report it here.