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Rogue pharmacies identified 11/5-11/9

There were 254 new entries to LegitScript’s database of pharmacy websites for the week of Nov. 5. Most of the sites are unapproved or rogue Internet pharmacies, and once again, ABSystems, dba, is at the top of the rogues list. Its registration services were used for 49 of the 254 domain names. LegitScript will release another more in-depth report this month in which we’ll reveal the top 10 registrars (in addition to ABSystems) that rogue online pharmacies have been flocking to. Read October’s full report here. The other commonly used registrars from the websites we identified last week are listed below:

  • GoDaddy: 24 websites, mainly in the Rx-Partners and Worldwide Drug Store networks. We will notify GoDaddy about these illegal websites, and GoDaddy has an excellent track record of ensuring that its platform is not used in furtherance of illegal behavior. Additionally, we identified three unverified pet medication sites:, and (Note: in this context, “unverified” is a neutral designation, and means that the website may be a candidate for LegitScript approval and on first glance does not appear illicit, but LegitScript has not yet conducted a review to verify legitimacy.)
  • TodayNIC: 20 websites, mostly with more than one network affiliation and more than half of which include the phrase “no prescription” in the domain name (a common SEO tactic for rogue Internet pharmacy operators). The Chinese registrar has been notified about rogue Internet pharmacy domain names on its platform, but LegitScript has not received a response.
  • 15 websites, about half of which belong to the RxProfits network., which has done an excellent job of ridding its platform of illicit pharmacy websites, will be notified about these domain names.
  • DomainContext: 14 websites, many of them with multiple network affiliations. We will notify DomainContext about these rogue Internet pharmacies. DomainContext also has a solid track record.

In short, we see that most new rogue Internet pharmacies are registered with registrars that have a good safety track record, although a few are at registrars like TodayNIC that, to date, have turned a blind eye to illegal prescription drug sales on its platform.