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Update on Domain name registrar does a 180 on Internet pharmacy crime

In a report earlier this year, LegitScript highlighted the top domain name registrars that not only tolerated but also welcomed the business of website operators who illegally sell prescription drugs. In particular, our report detailed how and why ICANN-accredited registrar became, at the time, the world’s largest safe haven for rogue Internet pharmacy domain names. Our report garnered significant media attention as well as attention inside the Internet compliance community.

LegitScript is pleased to note that has implemented, as of August 2012, a rigorous policy prohibiting rogue online pharmacies from using its registration services. Moreover, since then, LegitScript has regularly notified about rogue online pharmacies registered with the company. (Note that no registrar can completely prevent new rogue online pharmacy domain name registrations; rather, they can typically only take action once the domain name points to illicit content.) Importantly, has consistently suspended and locked the domain names that LegitScript has designated as rogue Internet pharmacies, thereby taking all required steps to ensure that its registration platform is not used in furtherance of online pharmacy crime.

In short,’ online pharmacy policy is now among the most rigorous on the Internet, matching the approach of other leading registrars like GoDaddy, eNom and others. Moreover, the company consistently and fully implements its policy. Indeed, accurately spells out and upholds its policy regarding Internet pharmacies in its terms and conditions, stating that any domain name used for unlawful sales of prescription drugs will be locked and suspended.

LegitScript’s position is therefore that, on Internet pharmacy issues, has taken all required steps to put the public health first, and the company quickly and adequately responds to our notifications. Consequently, LegitScript is pleased to endorse and voice our support for’ updated approach to online pharmacy issues, based on the company’s implementation of its updated policy since August 2012.