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LegitScript shuts down rogue ‘mothership’

Earlier this week, LegitScript shut down the website, the affiliate recruiting website for the rogue online pharmacy network commonly known as MyRxCash.

Also known as Pronet, the Israel-based MyRxCash is a network of rogue Internet pharmacies that engage in a variety of illegal behavior ranging from the sale of prescription drugs without a prescription to operating without required pharmacy licenses and selling unapproved drugs. Among the flagship Internet pharmacies operated by the Pronet/MyRxCash network are, and, among hundreds of others.

LegitScript simultaneously shut down several of the network's flagship rogue Internet pharmacies. Over the last few years, LegitScript has disabled hundreds of MyRxCash affiliate marketing websites. functioned as the website where, if you wanted to operate your own rogue Internet pharmacy for a profit, you joined the program and downloaded a template that processed orders on behalf of the rogue online pharmacy network. Under the program, affiliate marketers operating their own MyRxCash-branded online pharmacies gained a share of the profits from each sale. In this regard, was a little like a "mothership" spawning and deploying endless identical copies of rogue Internet pharmacies, and put affiliate marketers in the position of being (willing) co-conspirators in the network's illicit drug distribution.

The MyRxCash network was the subject of a warning letter from the FDA a couple of months ago but declined to discontinue its operations.

Upon discovering that was shut down, the network quickly registered a replacement website,, that now serves the function of recruiting affiliates and spawning rogue Internet pharmacies. The new website is registered with a Momentous registrar,, that LegitScript has identified as being a top destination registrar for rogue Internet pharmacies. Rebel was also identified by the Wall Street Journal as the registrar of choice for, after that Internet pharmacy was booted by its former registrar, Australian, in the wake of public information tying to the sale of counterfeit Avastin. was also the subject of an FDA warning letter.

Although now using as its online pharmacy affiliate recruiting website, the network continues to be branded MyRxCash. LegitScript invited the network to provide us with its pharmacy licenses in the jurisdictions it offers to ship drugs to. It was unable or unwilling to do so.

There are a few takeaways from this. First, LegitScript has written extensively about the clustering of rogue pharmacy websites at "safe haven" registrars like that decline to address rogue Internet pharmacy activity occurring on their registration platforms. Rebel's lack of a response is in stark contrast to leading registrars like GoDaddy, eNom, Directi, and others that refuse to allow their platform to be utilized in furtherance of criminal activity. Second, the very names of these "mothership" websites — MyRxCash and Partners-Profit — show, perhaps unintentionally, what these rogue Internet pharmacy networks are all about: profit, not patient safety.

Third, will come down, too — it's a matter of time. In the meantime, LegitScript will now turn our attention to denying the network's ability to process payments, currently (purportedly) offered by Visa and AmericanExpress. Stay tuned for those results.